• Guest Services
    We offer free pick-up, from the Airport. 
    On the first or second day of Arrival, we will give you a tour of the "Hip-Strip", showing you all the beaches, night clubs, restaurants and souvenir Shops. We will take you to “The Cambio” to get your money changed into Jamaican Dollars and to the cell phone store to purchase a Jamaican, "sim card", for your phone, so you can make calls in Jamaica and to your family and friends at home. 
    We take you to the Supermarket to purchase grocery for your stay with us. 
    We provide our guest with a map of the city and we drive you along the taxi route, and show you the different landmarks, so you will become more familiar with the city and the Hip-Strip. 
    During your stay with us, we are just a phone call away, for any questions you might have. If you should get lost we will come and get you, don't worry it is a small town so you will learn to get around quickly. We will take you around the city until you are comfortable to go it alone